For the actor - it all starts with Shakespeare. Shakespeare teaches you how to think, how to breathe, how to phrase and how to act - and all this work is transferrable to modern text. If you can play Shakespeare - you can play anything.

I've worked with Shakespeare for over 30 years and love discovering new things about his work every day. For the actor - there really is no better training.

Key areas I focus on:

  • Showing you how accessible Shakespeare really is.
  • Using Shakespeare's verse to find the meaning of what you're saying.
  • Bringing your voice to Shakespeare - not the other way round.

"Salvatore's obsession with detail is what sets him apart from other coaches. His commitment to your understanding, development and application of the craft is invaluable."

Miranda Nyumbu (ACTOR)

The Raw Shakespeare Project 2015 - An exploration of scenes from Shakespeare 

In the summer of 2015 I initiated a project with three groups of students who had never worked on Shakespeare before. The aim was to break their fear of Shakespeare and encourage them to physically engage with the language.  The rehearsals were filmed to document my student actors experience with their first Shakespeare scenes.

To view these films please click the link below: