Accent Coaching 


Needing an accent for an audition, stage show, tv series or film? Let me help you with quick and simple tips with how to place and maintain an accent. Whether it’s a "quick fix" or more detailed work - let me help you get it right. 

Key areas I focus on:

  • Identifying the correct placement for the accent.
  • Exploring consonant changes.
  • Exploring vowel shifts.
  • Applying that to both a script and everyday conversation.

Accents I currently specialise in: 

General American, New York City, Southern U.S. states,  Australian, Received Pronunciation (RP), London, Dorset, Liverpool, Leeds, Glasgow, Manchester and Southern Irish.

Accents currently working on:

Russian, French, Spanish, German, Newcastle, Bristol and Welsh. 


"Simple but powerful and effective coaching.

I was terrified of the General American accent but Salvatore broke it down for me and made it clear."

Simon stache (actor)