In 2013 I discovered I was dyslexic. Frustrated at the education system that had ignored this for over 30 years, I made it a priority to adapt my teaching so that it was accessible to all learning types - not just the standard.

Dyslexia is not just about challenges with reading, it also affects short term memory. If a student, actor or client has lots of information thrown at them - they can't remember it. Learning lines is a key challenge for the dyslexic student/actor.

My Master's dissertation highlighted a multi-modal approach that encompasses visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning styles meaning no student walks away empty-handed. As a teacher and coach I welcome all learning challenges and, from personal experience, have the necessary skills to support you in your training. 

Key areas I focus on:

  • Use of colour coding and highlighting to create clarity.
  • Use of physical exercises to explore voice and text.
  • Use of rhythm to aid retentive memory. 

"Salvatore is one of the first teachers whose made me feel like someone understands me. He gets it. He really does. Amazing support"